206 from the illegal deduction 841 points!

I fear I borrowed a friend looking for two things

One is money, one is the car

They say the time to borrow money is the grandson

Pay back the money when the uncle is

You can not provoke try not to provoke

This problem seems to borrow a car more

Knock touched repair or not to repair

Repair afraid to let him out of the mutual affection

Not repair your own heart hell

Do the authors swallow their own repair?

This is a small bump

Violation fines, traffic accidents was terrible too!

Recently, one called "illegal Suzhou King," the driver was exposed, an average of one and a half there is a violation. It is understood that the owner Sharon is "illegal king" sister, five years ago, she bought a car, because the car did not dare road, directly by her husband borrowed, by the results of this and nothing has come back. The last vehicle violation found 206 cases, 841 points deducted, a fine of 31,550 yuan!

Distressed car, distressed Sharon

Although many owners shouting "car with his wife without borrowed!"

But still had to borrow because of the sensibilities!

Today I talk with everyone

Whether by car loaned

To be early to know something!

How to take no liability for the owners?

"People's Republic of China Tort Liability Act" clearly defined, because when leasing, borrowing and other situations with the use of the vehicle owner who is not the same person after a traffic accident vehicle belonging to the party of responsibility, compulsory motor vehicle insurance by insurance companies be compensated within the range limits. Shortfalls borne by the person using the vehicle liability. Owners no liability.

Owners of no-fault condition:

1, by car and no driver's license revoked and who have expired.

2, permission to drive the car with the type accord.

3, by car, no drunk driving, drug driving and other acts prohibited by law.

These cases owners have liability

1, the owner knew or should have known defective motor vehicles, and the defect is one of the causes of traffic accidents.

2, the owner knew or should have known the driver not qualified to drive.

3, the owner knew or should have known the driver due to drinking, taking state control of psychotropic drugs or narcotics, or suffering from diseases that impede safe driving and other motor vehicles can not drive a motor vehicle in accordance with law.

4, other motor vehicle owner or manager shall be deemed at fault.

Penalty Points by car people how to deal with?

"People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law" stipulates that public security organs traffic management technology based on traffic monitoring records, lawfully penalize the motor vehicle owner or manager of illegal according to the law. Popular, if lent the car to someone else, can not find the offender or offenders reluctant to admit, he is fined the owners themselves.

People escape by car after the accident,

Whether the owner will be liable?

If the owner is determined to be without fault, then the owner who, without liability. "People's Republic of China Tort Liability Act" stipulates that after the vehicle hit and run driver lent compensation by the insurance company within the limit of the range, in part by the lack of social assistance fund for road traffic accidents advance. The owner without liability.

Road traffic accident social relief fund, referring to the rescue expenses exceed the limits of liability to pay high insurance, did not participate in the motor vehicle accident to pay high insurance after the vehicle hit and run, can apply for the relief fund. But by the actual survey found that the bailout fund has not been large-scale promotion, basic operators are "parked".

These three cases, insurance does not pay

1, by car people without the owner's consent, secondary lent.

2, illegal driver's license does not match the type of leave of absence, drunk driving and so on.

3, if people borrow the car to borrow the car hit the family members of the owner, the insurance company is not compensation.

Of particular note is that if the owner when buying insurance in the insurance policy designated driver (depending on the insurance company, in general, designated drivers will have 1-3 places). In this case, if the person by car accident, the insurance company will have 10?f the franchise.

To find a reason not to borrow the car

1, stressing only to buy a car to pay high insurance, other insurance Full did not buy. So that is prudent relatives and friends will no longer lend you a car.

2, said car or take care overhaul in.

3, direct representation of the car has been lent a certain relatives away, it is not his wife moved out, pretending to be "henpecked", the tone of expression should be in place, and strive to resonate and inspire compassion of others.

4, often through social networking circle position, without loan cars and his wife, preventive measures!

5, give your car fitted with fingerprint security lock and anti-theft GPS positioning tracker, friends want to borrow your car is also estimated powerless.

6, the other side is really in a hurry, but they are great friends, friends can act as a driver to avoid direct transfers by car.

Borrowed a friend car how to open?

1, while driving a gentle re-tender;

2, the car does not tamper with the article;

3, prolonged use snapshots to the owners;

4, an accident, inform the owners and maintenance;

5. The return of top up, the car clean;

6, note the plate, if the initiative to undertake illegal.

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