10 years ago, in 2008 prices, do you remember how cheap it?

From 2008 to 2018, China's automobile industry has witnessed tremendous change, also witnessed the rare road from the car to congested city traffic.

Today we are not talking about a small car, but we are very concerned about oil prices.

The picture above shows China nearly 17 years of changes in oil prices list, a collection of changes in oil prices from 2002 to 2018. Can be clearly seen from the 2002 2.5 yuan rose to a peak in 2012, then oil prices have been stable at around seven.

From 2008-2018 the decade, oil prices rose, but prices fell. Means to buy a car is simple, but can not take the car.

In 2008, five dollars can be added to one liter of oil.

There are then 90 gasoline grade gasoline, less than 100 dollars, generally compact car on the full tank, less than 200 Chevrolet tank fast enough.

But now you take 200 dollars probably will not fill the tank, gas stations in the major labels are starting 92, and 98 gasoline has even spread.

In 2008, you have the money to go out to drive the display.

2018, go out driving, fear is blocked, so we started to use public transport, car sharing began, shared bicycle.

Over the past decade, we recall the past, if you dream of owning a Jetta it? Are you still strive for the dream before you do?

In mid-August onwards violation of these four points become fine!