Why men must have a car?

Why men must have a car? Because, if you have a car, you will have the following it all!

The car is a man's first stop

There are car and house and became a man in a minimum configuration of second-tier cities talk of marriage, a man must have a minimum distribution for both these attributes. So come, the car will become the greatest man in the big cities struggle index one, for better or worse, the configuration level, buy a car out of the first step in life.

A car so confident man

Whenever dinner with friends, but you toast to others waved his hand to say "my car", do you have some embarrassing? If you want to send the girl to take the subway home people say, "No, my dad pick me", you will not be a little lost? Imagine if you have no car, these scenarios are a blow to a man's self-confidence, self-confidence for men is a kind of charisma.

Men like sense of control

Car For men, not just a means of transport, during driving, the kind of immediate sense of manipulation can make men met on a great extent. With the steering wheel hub, as the vehicle speed increases or decreases the throttle opening and closing, you push a manipulating instrument of any part of things, such a sense of accomplishment in a crowded subway time where ever, experience.

Harbor home is a man's car is Inn

Car gave man a completely separate space to enjoy completely their own time, fragile and wanton vent pressure: open the door, you smiles greet family; open the door, you are full of energy to face work. This work at home and two first-line life, the car is a man's post.

As a father, to meet the child's psychological needs

Whether a man has a car, it is also a psychological children have a certain influence. Car is a small target man early in life, as well as paving the man to the next generation of a higher starting point.

So, as a man, you must have a suitable car.

Why are so many zombie car does not apply for retirement?