When the red light and the like so-gear

Whether new drivers or older drivers, I bet you had a tangled problem: when the red light, how should Guadang intersection waiting for? Hanging D block on the brakes? Hanging P block the hand brake? Or linked to N block the hand brake? Still feel anyway, just sit safely stop it?

Three kinds of gear for?

P block: a parking range

When the vehicle remains parked state, P engaged gear, automatic transmission linkage wheels, will enter a locked state. Temporary parking uphill, to prevent slip move.

Block N: neutral

When linked to the N position, inside the transmission input shaft and output shaft, in a separated state, that is to say four wheels without any power, then free to slide, walk. Encounters a fault need not travel trailer rescue, gear lever should be moved to the N range and then the trailer, the trailer can not be other gear.

D block: forward gears

D block when engaged, the engine and gearbox linkage, the wheel driving force is obtained, if not step on the gas, can be low motility, we often say that the "idle state." This block linked into the lane, the driver need to do is control the throttle and brake, want to step on the gas to accelerate, decelerate the brakes.

Hanging P block, pull the hand brake feasible?

Do not stop at a red light and other hanging P block, once the rear of the vehicle rear-end collision, the transmission may scrap it! The reason is that the P block lock gear by the clip, external collision force locking structure, then, whether you are DSG dual clutch, CVT or continuously variable transmission, inevitably impaired!

Hanging D block, the brakes work?

When hanging D block brakes, because the engine and transmission are connected in a torque converter driven pulley is fixed, a reactive force is generated and applied to the drive wheel connected to the engine, the engine load increases, the actual equivalent brakes prevent the vehicle forward.

It is proposed that in the case of short-term parking, you can hang the D block on the brakes, if over time it will damage your car!

Stop at a red light right posture

Linked to N block, pull handbrake! N-range pull handbrake will be relatively fuel-efficient, because in this case the transmission torque converter driven wheel is in an idling state, the engine does not increase the driving wheel is connected to the resistance, no additional load, the fuel consumption does not increase naturally.

Finally, a red light to travel by car parking was a big deal of it, we have to take to master the application stalls, when opened the car to save time and effort!

Just bought a new car on the detained 12 points, rage against the police!