What are the reasons brakes insensitive? Maintenance cycle brake system is how much?

Just bought a new car, the brakes will be very sensitive, a slight step on the brake pedal, the braking force to pull its weight. After tens of thousands of kilometers can be opened, it will feel the brake system begins to soften, and stepped down stroke becomes longer, and like step on cotton jacket as above. This is how it happened?

What are the reasons brakes insensitive?

The first reason is that the brake pads and the brake disc wear results in reducing the thickness. Such as disc brakes, caliper (also known as brake pad) interposed long brake disc, over time, the caliper and brake disc friction surfaces will become thinner, which makes the side length of the stroke of the brake pedal.

The second reason is tire wear. Tire life generally is about 60,000 kilometers, close to the tread life of the tire wear will be very thin, to wear grooves in the tire marks. Long-term friction tire is deteriorated adhesion with the ground, resulting in the braking distance of a side brake.

The third reason is the most important reason is the problem of brake fluid.

Now, the majority of vehicle brake systems are hydraulic braking pressure to the brake pads is the need for such a braking force is transmitted with the brake fluid. After the brake fluid is compressed, the volume is not easily reduced. However, friction and heat, the brake pads when the brakes vigorously applied, the output will be high temperature, and the temperature will transfer to the brake fluid through the brake pads and the brake wheel cylinder.

This time if the brake fluid contains water more trouble, at such high temperatures, moisture will evaporate vaporize into a gas that can be compressed, even if this little moisture, but exists in the brake pump, we will make brake pedal feel soft, soft in that period, in fact, to compress the water vaporized.

Then the brake system maintenance cycle is how long?

Brake fluid is usually replaced every two years or forty thousand kilometers, each about 2 liters to 4 liters. Replacement of brake pads and brake discs, brake more of a habit, some people drive on the brakes more frequently, may be replaced earlier.

Brakes relatively longer life, and generally to 80,000 kilometers, it is necessary to check in each maintenance time.

There are tire replacement cycle is two years or 60,000 kilometers, but generally will be used for longer than this time. A tire wear indicator groove in the projection, when the thickness of the tire tread wear reaches mark, it must be replaced as soon as possible.

Our automotive brake system is an important safety system, if maintenance is not good, it is prone to traffic accidents, so I suggest that you maintain when we must pay more attention.

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