The original plus 93 plus petrol is now a few petrol

National unity national V standard gasoline and diesel supply. At present, my country has 11 provinces and cities in the east, to complete the national V standard upgrade in January 1 this year.

Has been greatly improved after the adjustment, oil performance, environmental requirements, etc.

Specifically in

After the country upgraded for the IV V, grades of gasoline 90, 93, 97 is adjusted to three grades 89, 92, 95, 98 four grades.

At present, China Petrochemical Hunan Branch of oil China IV vehicle for 93, 97, replaced the country after the vehicle V gasoline grades corresponding to run 92, 95 brands were gasoline business; and to meet consumer demand for high-end market, the proposed 98 supply of higher quality gasoline stations portion.

After the upgrade, the same grades of diesel,

State V diesel business brands are still 0.

However, before filling 97 State IV gasoline vehicles minority sensitive, if you choose V gasoline filling 95 countries, we need a period of adjustment!

So the question is?

There's a small car partner how to fuel it?

Plus how to do wrong?

Prices will increase it?

1, after the gasoline plus a few

We suggest that you select the appropriate grade of gasoline specification according to the vehicle use. The higher the grade of gasoline, antiknock better. If the compression ratio is high, the high performance requirements of the vehicle speed, more suitable for high grade oil.

2, an increase from 92 into 93, fuel consumption will be

Studies have shown that, after 97, 95 into the oil, the fuel consumption increased by an average 0.37?i.e., each vehicle plus 60 liters of oil, representing an increase of 0.2 liters, did not change significantly. After the original use of the vehicle 93 is switched to the oil 92 oil, no significant change in fuel consumption closer. Compared with the impact of individual driving habits, road conditions, vehicle condition and other factors on fuel consumption, these effects are not obvious.

3, the price will be more expensive

93, No. 97 oil gasoline temporarily unchanged.

4, or first wash tank

You need not bother cleaning tank. There tank 93, oil 97, 92 can be directly admixed, oil 95, a first secondary fuel refueling is completed. Refueling four or five times, will be able to complete the "natural evolution."

5. If you accidentally add the wrong oil how to do

Consider two cases:

a, drink low-grade oil of the car plus the high-grade oil: usually it does not matter.

b, drink high-grade oil of the car plus the low-grade oil: two labels to see whether the difference is too large and the amount added. If the two labels that much difference or add almost FCL low-grade oil, gasoline recommend owners let go of the mistake or purchase-related fuel additives, in order to improve fuel quality and reduce damage to the engine oil is low.

States use gasoline V What are the benefits?

More environmentally friendly. Effectively control hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, particulate matter emissions, PM2.5 significantly reduce exhaust emissions.

More car care. Reduce corrosion and deposits on car engine intake system, exhaust system and engine protection, extend the life of the vehicle.

Brake pedal stroke is too large causes