The car does not appear these things

Automotive brings us convenient life, but there are also many car owners to map their own convenience rather than obey the traffic rules, as well as install some serious contraband, illegal in the car, or even illegal items, in August this year, the transport sector will have these contraband more stringent checks.

A license plate number is automatically flop

Electric plates flip-flop can be controlled by remote control, then the car ready if the violation can flip the remote control car brand by remote control, then the police and the electronic eye can see is a fake license plate, and achieve the purpose of evading punishment, but once traffic police see through the driver's license will be revoked and will be subject to large fines, to remind the owner or law-abiding.

Second, the belt stopper

Whether the driver or passenger vehicles will be required to wear safety belts, if not wearing police are likely to be found points, but the seat belt is not very comfortable, in order to solve this problem, many sinister business invented the seat belt limit bit, you can limit the belt tightness. And reached a comfortable purpose, but lost the security, seriously affecting driving safety. If the police see it may be subject to penalty points and fines.

Third, the phone holder on the steering wheel

Now many models are equipped with the original car navigation unit, but there are still many car owners prefer to use mobile navigation and one for ease of operation, it is easy to update the map. So some people put the phone on the steering wheel, do very much affect the driver's attention, it increases the probability of an accident, the traffic police after seeing such a device will be confiscated and a fine of 200 yuan to take penalties.

Fourth, electronic dog

Electronic dog, before many owners like to pretend electronic dog to find hidden electronic eye to illegal play early warning function, not knowing that the electron wave electronic monitoring equipment will bring damage to electronic dog is released, so if this device is also seen traffic police We will accept a fine of 200 yuan and confiscation penalties.

Fifth, illegal hangings

Car ornaments, this I believe will be poisoned many owners. The reason is too much, too much loss report very much affect the chauffeur-driven vision, security risk.

I remind: day by day with the increase of the vehicle, increasing the pressure on the roads, our traffic rules are updated in real time, and gradually improve. Before we can take a lot of cars are now allowed to bring goods vehicle, or else face is the offense, a fine, serious point of the driver's license was impounded will lead to job losses. I hope we have to obey the traffic rules. Furthermore, they said these rules actually for the sake of the safety of our owners.

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