New road signs in July

Everyday driving, we often encounter no parking road, sometimes send friends and family back home, special friends get off the road where parking is prohibited, the result was photographed camera.

Now we no longer have worried, because in July added some road signs, traffic department increased the number of humane management, but there are some precautions you do not follow regulations, was shot or face a fine!

Temporary parking spot three minutes

When we see on the ground 3 minutes of identification, that this place can stop, but not more than three minutes, and if over time the license will be fine, do not report there will be chances this logo is the camera to capture.

Sawtooth logo

Another point to note, in front of the temporary parking near the point, there will generally sawtooth shape identity, if pressed to identify them, then you will face a 100 yuan 3 point penalty

The jagged logo is to guide the vehicle into the temporary stops, but also to remind the owners of the road ahead may be parked vehicles or obstacles, more complex to be careful, not occupied, or down to jagged.

We all know that in China is really easy to buy a car, parking is difficult, this new 3 minutes unscheduled stop identity is so true pain points to address the part of the driver.

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