Sleep in the car cause of death

Recently read a news, a bunch of young lovers sleeping car parked in the park, the result was found when the two men but never regained consciousness, well-intentioned people found anomalies immediately to the police, after often forced to break the car window, confirmed the couple had died in the car, the cause of death actually is: stop the vehicle idling, close the window air conditioning to sleep, the carbon monoxide cycle engine exhaust into the car, plus the car air circulation lead poisoning.

Now, with high temperatures every day, many drivers have to drive when drowsy like to stop the car to open this air conditioning in the car and get more sleep, although looks very nice, but parking close window air conditioning really possible between life and death!

Then how can we avoid a similar thing happen?

1, if the rain is not the open car window ventilation, car ventilation smell more timely manner, particularly in the basement, when the difference between ambient air flow, incomplete combustion engine is idling, the vehicle more easily lead to increased concentrations of CO If at this time the occupants feel dizziness, heaviness, weakness should be open window ventilation.

2, try not to stop in dense traffic roads, avoid other car exhaust into the car

3, not long parking air conditioning

Now the car doors and windows seal has been very good, the car stopped in the state, long-term operation of the engine will produce carbon monoxide, with air conditioning is likely to gather in the car, leading to reduced oxygen, carbon monoxide poisoning can occur over time inside the vehicle .

4, the car ready for some carbon package or adsorbent

5, with a special air cleaner to clean up

6, not directly close the air conditioner, the first A/C (compressor) blowing off wind naturally in a closed air conditioning system.

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