Car defangge knowledge

Car windshield fog. Whenever winter arrives, the car's glass is particularly easy to fog, especially after the parking space, the fog is more serious, many owners like to solve it by rubbing, but why don't we use some radical methods to prevent it? ? Let's talk about any good way, you can remove it or prevent fog.

Open window

First of all, everyone is clear, that is to open the window, let the temperature of the car with the outside of the car, to remove the fog, or prevent the fog in the driving, but the time removal time requires a little longer, The efficiency is not high, and the waiting time will make yourself cold in the car, it is a good way to remove fog, but it is not the best way.

Cold air

Open the cold air blowing glass, the old drivers should also know how to use this method, there is a controversy, which is the cold wind and the warm air to the bottom which can be except for fog? I am bored with myself, I personally tested it. The answer is that the warm air is not efficient. It takes longer to spend more, and don't do in-depth discussions here.

Of course, if there is a thing, you can prevent the glass from fogging, I don't test it, that is really!


In addition, this thing is no longer fresh, but you have to say that it is really easy to use, simple spraying, you can prevent fog, the only shortcoming is that the price is more expensive, cost-effective is not high.

Washing water/soap

In fact, it doesn't need to buy the fog spray. You can also make the same "anti-fogging", that is, use the wash essential water or fat soap, (proportion generally 1:10), the principle is simple It is that they are weakly alkaline water, and they apply a layer of film on the glass. After drying, it will form a layer of film, while the fog (ie, droplets) will not be easily left on the glass, forming a fog, The cost is also low, more practical.

Dehumidification box

Of course, there is still a very good artifact, that is, dehumidification box used in the wardrobe, put a box in the car, the effect is better than the anti-fog spray, and the price is much affordable than the fog spray, As long as you find a safe, fixed, it does not affect the driving place, the anti-fog effect can be said to be a lever, and there will never be a fog in the second day.

Summary: There are many ways to remove fog, there are many ways to prevent fog, and it is more recommended that everyone will prevent this aspect, so that it is more expensive, and it will not encounter these problems when traveling. Delay time.

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