Knowledge car extended warranty

With the people's living standards gradually improved, private car gradually into the household, for the maintenance of the car, has become a part of contemporary life, but for "car extended warranty", many owners still some doubt. " car extended warranty "on the car exactly what good is it? now AutoTalkShow to have knowledge of the car's friend add points.

We said car extended warranty, is that when a manufacturer's warranty expires after the car purchase, provided for, if you want to continue to enjoy the warranty service, you must be on the car extended warranty, within this period cost of failure all expenses incurred are car extended warranty will be borne by the company. I believe that many riders in the 4S shop for maintenance of the car, the clerk will introduce the relevant car extended warranty business, enthusiasm for the staff recommendation, car faithful are skeptical about whether "extended warranty" What good na, is below we summarize.

First, save money

Just buy the extended warranty service, when your car fails within the warranty extended warranty, you will not need to bear the maintenance costs incurred, including labor costs, parts costs and necessary rescue costs.

Second, peace of mind

Because of the extended warranty service are factory authorized service center, both in technical personnel, or the parts have good protection, so owners more assured of the quality of the entire repair.

Third, the easy way

If the car appears unforeseen circumstances, the owner only needs to make a call, extended warranty company will immediately rushed for the owners to provide high quality services.

Fourth, preservation

Little friend may not know the owner, the car extended warranty contracts may be the same vehicle with the transfer, that is, the sale price of the vehicle and the vehicle speed is higher than the price of similar, so as to achieve the effect of hedging.

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