How long to open the car and then sell the most cost-effective?

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people buy cars, and some people even change often, how long and then transfer it to open the car is the most cost-effective it?

First look at the car scrapped.

2013 years ago, the state car more than 15 years must be discarded, and later changed to 600,000 km before provisions scrapped. A conservative estimate, according to the average family 20,000 kilometers a year calculation, a car able to open for 30 years, at first glance quite cost-effective.

But considering the escalating emissions limits, unless you do not enter the city center otherwise almost impossible to open 30 years. Second, the state more than 15 years, the car must inspection once every six months, this would take a lot of energy and money.

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So, how long the car open and then transfer the best deal? .

The degree of depreciation of the car is very serious, low mileage cars run, good maintenance conditions, when selling cars, are bonus items, but in fact will not sell more than how much money.

1. The age of the vehicle in about five years, mileage less than 100,000 km, no major accidents, the higher the price;

2. vehicle age in five years - used car prices between 10 years will be significantly reduced;

3. More than 10 years and used car prices are often already very low, and because the mileage is too long, the main parts wear more serious, need to go to the repair shop a comprehensive inspection. The current used car market, more than 10 years of car is relatively rare, not many people willing to receive a lot of used cars more than 10 years, are lower than the national standard IV, the value is very low.

My Tip: There are going to change the owner may try to choose a large price advantage when selling, in my experience, in the open 5 to 6 years after the transfer is the most cost-effective.

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