Free high-speed festival schedule

Highway free time a total of 20 days. Specific high-speed free festivals are the Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, May Day and National Day.

Therefore, free high-speed Ching Ming Festival, the Ching Ming holidays highway free of charge.

Ching Ming Festival highway free time is a few days?

This year the festival is the day of the month according to the arrangements of the State Council, the Ching Ming Festival holiday arrangements time is:? April 2 - April 4 holiday for three days. So the festival is the highway free time:

At 0:00 on April 2 ~ 24 years ended April 4

Free car What?

7 and below passenger vehicles, including allowing ordinary toll highway motorcycle.

Free time release way highway

Not issuing lift lever release. During previous years, free high-speed, congestion is the cause of high-speed road car suddenly increased. Although free, but still have to issuers by the vehicle from the deceleration before entering the toll station, take the card to stop by, and finally sped away, the whole process may take up to minute. Crossing the implementation does not issue cards free lift lever release, improve travel efficiency.

How to determine free high speed up and down

Toll free time to exit the vehicle leave the motorway toll lanes on the time. Road vehicles subject to ordinary places by the time the toll station toll lane. In other words, during the toll highway, highway next free period, will not be charged. In turn, high-speed, high-speed toll period, it is necessary charges on during free.

Highway driving speed of provisions