Common faults and causes the brake system to resolve

Troubleshooting car brake system Zhidongshiling, Brake Steer and brake it back. These three failures ranging from destruction of the vehicle, while the impact of traffic safety, to be treated as soon as possible.

1. Symptom: brake pedal, the pedal does not rise, without resistance.

Analyzing reasons: Check whether the brake fluid deleted; brake cylinder, pipe joints and leaks oil; master cylinder, cylinder parts damage.

2. Symptom: brake pedal in the end, the braking effect is not good; continuous braking effect is not improved, and the pedal gradually increased.

Analyzing reasons: gas mixed with the braking system.

3. Symptom: Continuous step on the brake pedal return increased braking effect improved.

Analyzing the reason: the brake drum friction plate and the gap is too large.

4. Symptom: continuous step on the brake pedal position increases, and a sinking sense.

Determine the cause: oil spill.

5. Symptom: low pedal position; then step, the position can not be raised, stiff feeling.

Analyzing the reason: the master cylinder clogging.

6. Symptom: normal pedal height, not soft not sink, but not good braking effect.

Analyzing the reason: the brake drum friction plate and the gap is too large or oil.

7. Symptom: Brake Steer.

Analyzing the reason: car skewed to the left, the right wheel brake was not working, and vice versa.

8. Symptom: car travel for a distance, the brake drum (disc) fever.

Analyzing reasons: check the brake master cylinder, brake cylinder or pipe.

9. Symptom: free travel of the brake pedal is too small.

Approach: to be adjusted.

10. Symptom: a slow recovery brake fluid level.

Processing Method: Loosen the bleed screw, brake shoe return observe the situation. If the brake shoe return, it should clear the pipeline; if the shoe does not return, you should check the disintegration of the brake cylinder.

Brake failure cause of the malfunction and repair