Car manufacturers in order to attract coup owners use, easy to place hands and feet What?

Jianpei car, change materials have a secret we all know, in order to save the cost price, a lot of paint will be some less practical configuration castration, there is even more we look at some of the black heart of car prices will not where tricks, took suspension, the material shrunk, intensity decreased.

At present many problems have played a minor axis, sinister car prices lead to poor selection of steel, as well as in the machine hatch in heat shield will be removed in addition to design issues, resulting in a large degree of that happening is strong enough lead to suspension, it is , spontaneous combustion rate is doubled

This configuration many owners do not know is doing, and so a small plate costs about 100, if it is not the engine compartment heat will spread to the wire, accelerated aging increase the rate of spontaneous combustion.

The original plastic fuel tank is a tank into the tank iron

After the iron tank was again strong impact is likely to cause a spark set off the fuel, we now have the basic vehicle will use plastic fuel tank, even if knocked deformation will not detonate fuel.

Body: high strength steel sheet into common

Many car companies have advertised their own what five-star crash safety, with emphasis on their own models of how good steel, high security, and no one car shell propaganda, in fact, there are many tricky here, will replace ordinary steel galvanized steel lead the consequences can be imagined.

Bumper beam: Save with material, useless

Do you still remember that before the exposure of many Japanese companies car crash beam will be replaced all foam board, I would like to get out of the dog days of Chinese automobile market, too unconscionable to do a really justified, once the rear-end collision, or collision consequences could be disastrous, sinister car prices also really strenuous thought cost savings.

Brake failure how to do? A graphics let you calmly!