5 oil tips

The weather is hot, this time is more painful for the car family, because the summer driving is often open, so the oil consumption is high, the price is expensive, so that we have gradually increased the cost of caring in summer. In fact, the summer will drive as long as you master 5 car skills, half the monthly fuel fee province.

The first trick: master the fuel time and quantity

Many people drive on summer, they will choose at noon, in fact, the author wants to tell you, this time, it is difficult to forget too hot, the car is less, and the fuel consumption can be reduced. In fact, this concept is wrong.

Because the summer temperature is high, hot swelling, so you will go to the gas station plus 200 yuan oil and the quantity of the evening in the morning, because the temperature is high at noon, so the gasoline also expands, the proportion may It is reached, but the final weight is not the same, so driving in the summer, avoiding afork noon. Choose the most appropriate morning or in the evening.

In addition, everyone has to remind everyone, if you often drive in the city, don't add too much, because the summer temperature is high, the gasoline volatilization is fast, so it is not cost-effective, generally plus 200 yuan, because it is full, Instead, the vehicle weight is increased, affecting the fuel consumption.

Second skill: avoid surge brakes

Everyone is very clear, there is a key factor in the car's fuel consumption is the brake. Many people are doing habits. They often have a brake. Do you say that you drive this way?

In the summer, many people are hot, the mood is impetuous, so we can't control the emotions. We will learn to control the throttle, inertia, to save oil, avoid the brakes are the key. This step is very important.

Third skills: learn to use automotive air conditioning correctly

Summer is high, the general car closed the window, waiting for us to get on the bus, the temperature in the car can reach seven or eighty degrees, really is a stove. So many people get on the bus on the air conditioner, and the biggest file, so fuel consumption is very high.

It is the key to properly use air conditioning. We can open it first, so the window glass is waiting for the heat and dissipation, then turn on the air conditioner, then turn off the glass, turn the outside cycle, and turn it back. Such exhaust speed is fast, reducing fuel consumption.

Fourth tip: pay attention to normal detection tire pressure

Many people don't understand, the tire pressure of the car in summer will also affect the fuel consumption, this is a scientific basis. First, the tire pressure in summer is generally higher than usual. It will lead to puncture, but it is too low. Because too low, it will lead to excessive area in contact with the tire, and the friction is increased, then the resistance is large, so that the driving fuel consumption is also high.

So we should adjust to a reasonable tire pressure in summer, and accurate tire pressure is between 2.3 and 2.4. Do you remember?

Fifth Tips: Pay attention to maintenance

The most important thing in summer is that the car is maintained. Generally, the use of cars is not good. It will lead to a failure of the car. . So in the summer, you should check the performance of the car regularly.

So, driving in summer, as long as you master these 5 car skills, half the monthly fuel fee province

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