Vehicle license quilt how to do? Regularly check violation records

There have been 2008 data set: Shenzhen has 1.5 million vehicles, of which there are 50,000 car deck. That is 30 per car, there is a car deck. What a startling data, and this data was six years ago, how rampant deck vehicle industry chain, and this situation does not just happen in Shenzhen. Car deck to the owners bring the biggest trouble is that somehow all kinds of illegal punishment. If your car is very unfortunate quilt cards, and you know how to do it? You know how they avoid their own brand vehicle quilt it? This issue of the article, we provide the most practical solution for everyone.

how to know whether their own quilt cards?

1, regularly check your violation record

Deck like a martial arts master, like dodge, elusive, hard to detect. The only thing we can do is check their diligence violation records. A found abnormal illegal behavior, then you are very likely quilt card. For example, illegal places you've never been to.

2, the opening of a mobile phone text messages to remind irregularities immediately know

If you feel old weigh remember to check illegal lot of trouble, you can also find a third party, the opening of traffic violations SMS alerts. For example I am using the wealth to pay through.

how to do the quilt vehicle licensing?

1 to collect all evidence to their advantage

After determining your being decks, you can first, in silent greeting the unknown female family deck by a thousand times. Then decisively began to collect all the evidence in your favor it, including photos of the vehicle the appearance of various small parking ticket, a small high-speed toll ticket, his driving recorder, and even video surveillance parking and cells.

2, submitted a complaint to the traffic control department

After collecting the evidence above, you can go to the traffic control department to appeal the proposed vehicle license quilt. You can choose to vehicle registration location of the traffic control department complaint, you can go to appeal illegal location.

3, apply for replacement vehicles brands

After the appeal is successful, the traffic control department will give you quilt card issued by a vehicle description. With this explanation, you can go to the Vehicle Administration to request a replacement brands. Of course you can not apply for replacement grades, but in the days that followed, every time the car deck to cause trouble after you, you need to provide proof of good material to run a traffic control to prove his innocence.

The child had said before: "long pain as short-term pain!" Although Confucius is not necessarily experienced the pain of lost love, but this sentence is a grain of truth. So I suggest that you follow in order to avoid trouble, or change the license plate number of the bar.

how to reduce the chances of quilt cards?

1, to give the license plate number of the car marked with mosaics on the network when the sun

Now many owners like to bask in their car on the web, in addition to prove yourself, "surname Fu," but you can also make some riders. But everyone in the sun at the same time, but the lack of awareness of privacy protection, mankind's greatest and most abominable invention is not marked to the license plate number - Mosaic. Deck thieves who see, your information will be collected, when hit with the same model customer you deal with a deck over the business, you become the next victim deck.

2, protect themselves and their vehicle information, ensuring not easily leak

In addition, you also need to pay special attention to protect themselves and their vehicle information, driving license, driving license, etc. Do not to others. So as to avoid leakage, to the person determined to sell them to the deck business.

3, to add some special mark on the car to avoid duplication

In the front and rear of the car, paste special label or decoration, but also have a role. At least at the time a complaint with the police, according to the different characteristics of the vehicle, quickly proved himself to be the victim quilt brand owners. As for why is added at the front or at the rear, it is illegal because the photo shoot, shoot only the front and rear.

4, try not to choose a used car

A large part of the quilt brand cars are made from used car, because second-hand car dealer sell the vehicle before the vehicle will establish a file. Detailed record of the vehicle model, appearance, grades, driving them numbers, engines, etc., after the vehicle is sold, is likely to put that information to buy decks business, earn more interest. Therefore, the choice deliberately used car, or have purchased a second-hand friends to pay attention.

penalties for violations caused by the car deck Who will pay?

Many quilt brand owners, the greatest concern should be two: 1, when the police can apprehend car deck, 2 car deck of the illegal owners should not have to pay. The former is not about us, but lack of confidence, so we are most concerned about the fact or the latter.

1, can provide evidence of the traffic police will be confirmed after revocation

In fact, we do not worry, as long as you can provide sufficient evidence to prove that the violation is not appropriate to you, the traffic control department will take you eliminated the corresponding violation records. As for what the evidence required, as already mentioned, we forget the head of the students proposed re-read this article.

2, can not provide evidence of only a scapegoat

However, if you can not provide proof, or provide the evidence was insufficient to prove your innocence words. So sorry, please cooperate as a return to eat in silence of dumb.

Use the car deck What punishment?

End of the article to remind you that people do not look too cool deck with myself go and get set. On deck countries have severe penalties:

"People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law" Article 96 states: forging, altering or using forged or altered motor vehicle registration certificate, plate, driving permit, driver's license, the public security organs traffic management departments to be seized, detained the vehicle, at 15 detention, and impose more than 2,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan fine; constitute a crime, be held criminally responsible.

Do unto others, do not impose on others. While we hate decks and deck owners makers, but also to remind themselves and those around you do not use the deck.

Summary: decks for formal car owners, no doubt in the mice on the streets people cry. After all, using deck owners, while driving have ignored traffic rules and safety, often the cause of major accidents direct or indirect factors. May at any time apply for brand owners, it is recommended to develop a variety of small ticket reservations habit of cleaning up every 1-3 months. Even though the event really hit the deck, there is sufficient evidence also own an innocent.