Modified car headlight lenses

We introduce you to some of the most popular headlight conversion, from the perspective of safety of driving at night, there are more and more car owners to set foot in the field of modified, modified xenon headlamps is not uncommon, and for the lens modification, many users expressed great interest, today we have to talk about modified headlight lenses.

The obvious advantage of mounting the lens, especially for some of the original model without halogen lens, the xenon headlights retrofitted due to changes in position and shape of the lamp, the lamp bowl has the original can not be effectively condensed xenon bulb, light type in a scattering state, not only allows the driver to see the road, but also the way until others can be described as 100 victims without a profit! use of optics lights and lenses can solve this problem in accordance with the road to the most reasonable point of view, it is the largest of the lens advantages, a lens according to a tangent rays generally can be divided into two categories: standard European type and American standard light beam pattern.

to distinguish light type:

The so-called European standard light type, vertical convergence degree, will be more dark area on the left, the main car will shine avoid dazzling other, but for higher SUV, a vehicle body, because of the higher bits lamp, in order not to affect the others, irradiated angle will lower (and more than the sedan down to bring up a few degrees), it would be far left side (LHD models) dark areas more visible, while the American standard type of light thanks to the contour of the left and right almost design , irradiation angle wider, obviously some roads in the suburbs or poor lighting conditions of local advantages.

There is also a type of light called mix-standard, standard and Central Europe is turning American Standard light type characteristics, both to better care for the view from the vehicle, but also not too many dark areas on the left side.

bifocal lens with single vision lens:

Bifocal lens is actually only one light bulb, but the inside of the lens by a light-shielding sheet, the distance to achieve switching of light! Gobo normally closed low beam, the light shielding sheet when the beam is open. Inside the lamp lens is not moving. Mounting the bifocal lens is a xenon bulb implements two roles played the low beam. Simple identification method is to see there is no change optical lens solenoid valve, a solenoid valve is a double light, or is a single light.

Common import lens:

Hella is the most common brand of German origin, the so-called domestic are all counterfeit. Hella, Koito and other openings in the lenses have to be original lampshade can install (except for the corresponding models can be directly installed), and almost no new goods, mostly scrap parts of the country to buy, so we buy this in addition to carefully observe the lens is intact, find a responsible store brand is just as important when a lens. Price, because it is scrap parts, usually the price will be a thousand dollars (confusion in the market has also led to large price difference), but if there are two or three hundred sellers to sell like Koito, Hella such a big lens, even known as new, I do not think that must be fake. As for the lens of domestic brands such as Heidi, although optical performance with Koito Bi Haila with some big names such gaps, but also relatively less fake.

In addition there is a domestic currently more popular modification method is to make a good direct replacement headlight assembly, compared to modified lens cutting lamp bowls, install a lens and a series of test processes more technicians craft, with a direct replacement lens angel eyes/demon eyes of the assembly seems more insurance, but actually on the market by the sale of the headlight assembly (mostly lower-end model-based) many small workshops by unknown hands, lens quality, lamp bowls standards of workmanship and materials uneven shade, durability is even more worrisome because the heat from the headlights taillights compared to much larger, higher heat resistance requirements for shade lamp bowls, and who want to upgrade driving at night convenience of car owners, modified headlamps should be given priority.

conversion lens Troubleshooting: Car headlights and fog water

With the popularity of modified lights, a closely watched issues are also increasingly being faithful car mentioned that headlight fog water. Fog in the shade most of the cases are caused by the large temperature difference, this phenomenon winter and rain-prone season most likely to occur. In such cases, no need to worry too much, the lights turned on after a period of time, the fog as heat through the vent pipe discharge lamp, but it will not damage the headlight and basic electrical circuits.

Water and headlight, the headlight refers to the formation water, the inner wall of the globe large particles adhered water droplets, are themselves unable to dissipate the short term, this case belongs to the headlight sealing problems, is not normal. And in many cases are due to water craft headlight problems caused by modified headlight lenses, and some stores will be irresponsible to shirk its responsibility under various pretexts, such as xenon headlights due to low heat, lens absorbs some heat , so that moisture evaporation is slow excuse like.

As much as possible to prevent fogging and water such cases, as the owner of a responsible choice we have good reputation of the store is clearly necessary, modified headlamps domestic very popular, many cities have more active in the local owners Group and other civil society organizations, prior to retrofit headlight find some more experience has been modified headlamps owners learn to take, or to find an experienced conversion shop is the best way to install lights through a special modification sites. That point the way, the current domestic market modification and even auto parts market in the sale of fish products can be described to a good pose is widespread, especially in this modified headlamps more popular retrofit upgrade project, not mindless consumption, in before modification must weigh the pros and cons of them good, safeguard their rights and interests as much as possible.

personalized headlights modification:

In addition to improving the performance of car lighting systems, most of the tuners also have their own individual needs, many people will replace their appearance package for the car, change the color. However, these modifications if the night is hard to see the reason that someone would think of lighting is also done on the transformation of personalized, people in darkness have seen special vehicles.

In addition to the more popular in recent years angel eyes, devil eyes modification, LED decorative lamp also popular. LED lamp emitting a large amount of power consumption is small, durable and, most importantly, its small size, mounting furnishings and aspects may have a high degree of freedom. Like Audi, Lexus and other models is the LED lighting technology used in the main light source (still belongs to the new technology, not universal), and many models will use to produce LED daytime running lights, not only to enhance the safety of the vehicle at the same time very beautiful. LED lighting installation location of a number of options to create different effects, which provides a very large free space to play like the appearance of modified car owners. For example, the front bumper can be installed or the position of fog lights, as daytime running lights, headlamps may be installed on the bottom or the top, resulting in "liner" decorative effect, very diverse patterns.